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Will AI Transform How Family Lawyers Work?

We are constantly seeking ways to evolve in our practice and in the last few weeks we have participated in several interesting seminars focusing on technology and the impact and importance of it in the legal field.

One of the hot topics among legal professionals right now is the development of technology and the effect artificial intelligence will have in our field of work. At Familja we are excited to adapt to this changing landscape by embracing AI as a tool to enhance our work and save time and therefore costs for our clients. We aim to enhance our services by leveraging technology to deliver solutions that enhance the overall client experience. This includes more effective administration, better data security and privacy and enhanced research capabilities. However, the work a family lawyer carries out is in many ways impossible to automate and streamline due to the strong presens of human emotions and complex relationships.

During these few weeks we have listened to internationally famous experts discuss what the future of lawyers will look like, and even discussions whether lawyers will survive the technology revolution. As a counterbalance to the profets predicting that the last judgement is at our doorstep, are those who have started talking about "soft skills" such as communication, empathy, creativity, criticial thinking etc. and the fact that lawyers get no training in these softer skills during their studies at the university.

A synergy between human expertise and artificial intelligence can offer a blend of efficiency, accuracy, and compassion. We at Familja take pride in having developed our soft skills throughout our work, and we place a strong emphasis on cultivating and applying them. As family lawyers we value personal connections very highly and strive to ensure that our interactions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual we meet, while still maintaining a strong commitment to our clients' well-being and ethical principles.

In summary, we consistently strive for the optimal balance between technology and the invaluable human expertise.


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