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Fees and conditions

You will be charged according to the time spent on your case.  This includes advising, attending to you and others, perusal and preparation of documents, correspondence, telephone calls, travelling and waiting time and representing you at court.

Starting from 1.1.2023 we will charge you € 250 plus 24 % VAT per hour for each hour of work by Johanna Norrback-Ilvessalo.

Work done on a specific case is divided into slots, 15 minutes being the minimum charge. Letters and calls will be charged for on a time basis including any other work and you will also be billed for any disbursements incurred such as court fees, translators’ fees and other incidental expenses. 

The rates are reviewed annually and if the rates are altered we shall let you know the new rates as soon as they have been set.

It is normal practice to ask clients to make an advance payment. Depending on the anticipated costs we would ask for a reasonable retainer.   

In order to be compliant with the requirements under current money laundering and identity check legislation we are required to undertake an Anti-Money Laundering check. This will entail providing a copy of your passport or driving license. We are unable to proceed with your matter without undertaking such a check and by confirming your instructions to us to proceed it is accepted by you that this will be done.  

We shall endeavor to deliver bills to you at regular intervals for the work carried out during the conduct of your case.  This assists our cash flow and also enables you to budget for costs.   We are sure you will understand that in the event of payment not being made we must reserve the right to decline to act any further and that the full amount of work done for you will be charged to you.  Accounts should be settled within 30 days.  Interest will be charged on bills that are not paid within that time at a lawful interest for late payment.

Familja complies with the rules and guidelines set by the Finnish Bar Association.

Finnish Bar Association

Simonkatu 12 B 16

00101 Helsinki

Phone: +358 (0)9 6866 120

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